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What Characteristics You Should Have As a Woman to Attract Men

In today’s world, there are a lot more relationship advice for men than it is for women, this is because it is basically understood that women are more complicated than men and as a result, need more tips about how to be in a relationship with. But the truth is women have to learn a lot of tips and techniques on how to deal with men as well. After all, a relationship is a two-way street, so if you want to be able to keep your man for yourself and also decrease the amount of disputes you have with him, please follow the following tips.

1. Show your sexuality

As we know, men care a great deal about sex and being aroused by women, so if you are cold towards your man and you expect him to love you forever, this simply cannot be done. If you are cold towards your man sexually, you already have problems in your relationship, but if you find him attractive and yet you don’t show your sexuality towards him, this can have disastrous results since you are declining one of the most important parts of that relationship for your man. So try to be sexually active and flirt with him every once in a while and you will be able to see that spark of arousal in your man’s eyes.

2. Respect your man

Respect is one of the most important things any man expects from his woman. Men love to be respected, so please don’t humiliate him in front of friends or in public, you should show your disagreement with what he says in a respectful way. Listen to him and try to understand what he’s saying and if you cannot, show your disagreements in a polite and subtle way. After all, everyone deserve respect and a relationship which is based on respect goes a much longer way then the one which is filled with disrespect.

3. Look beautiful

We all know that men love beautiful women, so one of the simplest yet most important tips I can give you about keeping your man is to try to always look your best when you’re around him. We’re not saying you should kill yourself and use excessive makeup or any other beautification trick to look beautiful, we’re just saying learn how you can make yourself prettier and how he likes you to look and do it. This one is very simple and very effective.

4. Don’t be clingy

No one likes a clingy partner whose time is completely dependent on their partner. The last thing a man wants is a girlfriend or partner who is constantly calling him and asking where he is. You should also be able to stand on your own feet and be independent financially and emotionally. This means you can enjoy your own time even when you are apart from your boyfriend, but you still miss him. This is a perfect balance and creates a great deal of attraction.

5. Be smart and intelligent

Let me explain this one a little. Have you ever been in a relationship in which whatever you say your partner doesn’t get? It can be a flirtatious joke or a problem of yours being explained. We’ve all been there and we know it doesn’t feel good to be dealing with someone who not only doesn’t understand us, but they cannot offers solutions for our problems either. Try to boost your relationship intelligence which means being able to interact effectively with your partner and understanding what he says. Everyone likes a person who can get the ending of the conversation at the beginning of it.

6. Make him a better man

This one sounds like a cliche, but it is wanted by men. Men love a woman who can make them better in any way. We all have heard this saying that behind every successful man, there is a successful woman. It is the truth for most cases. So try to help out your man in whatever way you can, this can be mentally, emotionally, financially or any other way. A man will appreciate it and love you for it. Of course you shouldn’t try to show you are the smart one and he’s so naive and doesn’t know anything.

By following these tips you will be able to create a more successful relationship with your man and make it enjoyable both for you and him.

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