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Tips On How To Stop Sibling Fights

Sibling fights are not uncommon but for Parents it can be exasperating. The constant bricking can really wear on the Parents nerves.

What can we do to prevent episodes of sibling fight? The first thing to do is to talk to the ones who are doing the fighting. If the fights are often, then there is a root to it and we should find out what it is. It could stem from wanting to be in authority and depending upon their age, it could be something related to the opposite sex. Whatever it is, it should be resolved quickly because it can grow worst as time goes on. Once the root of the fights is revealed a solution should be advised, one in which both sibling will feel vindicated.

They should also be reminded that they are related. Sometimes this is forgotten when there is anger so they would need to be reminded that they are family and for now, they have to live together.

Discuss with them that fighting is wrong and someone can get hurt. He or she might not intend to hurt the other but it can happen and if it does, the damage is done. Therefore, to prevent an accident all fights should be stopped.

Verbal fights are worst than physical fight because harmful words can hurt longer than a hit can so this should definitely be avoided. Often Parents are not around when the fight start but it is still our responsibility to discern the right from the wrong and this could be a difficult thing to do. In the old days, Parents did not try to figure out who was right and who was wrong; they simply got both of them because they were not supposed to be fighting in the first place. It worked for them but we are living in a more modern day now. We would and should find out who started the fight because we would not want to punish the one who was defending himself.

If talking does not stop the fighting then punishment should be implemented. It should be severe enough that they would not want to fight again. They could be sent to their room for a few days without the luxury of a television, computer, telephone or any type of games. We could give them chores to do that we know they hate doing. There playtime can be taken away from them for a few days. Whatever the punishment is, they should have a clear understanding as to why they are being punished.

Also let them know what affect their fighting have on us. Most of the times Children want to please their Parents but they may not realize that they are hurting us by their behavior. Sometimes this along will stop the fights or at least slow it down.

Reward for good behavior is also a good thing to do. If there are no fights in a week, treat them to something they like to do. Let them know that we appreciate their good behavior and we want to reward them for it. This can be discussed when we are talking to them about fighting so their minds can get off fighting and onto rewards.

We would probably get angry when they fight but we need to remember to talk to them calmly and show them love. By acting this way, it will calm them down and they will likely listen to us more seriously.

I am a Christian and a License Practical Nurse. I enjoy helping and encouraging others. I am a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. I am also President of the Parent Teachers Organization, President of the Parent Supporter Task Force and a member of the Parent Leadership Institute.

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