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The 5 Best Foundations for a Lasting and Enduring Friendship to Be Built On

There are good friendships and some bad friendships and all manner of friends in between. I am 42 years of age and had some good and bad friends and this is a list of the things I consider to be part of a good friendship.

1. Honesty

A good friend will be truthful with you. They won’t make up stories to impress you and they won’t be lying to you all the time like they might with other people. if they are upset with something that you have said to them, they won’t be able to hide it from you and will tell you. They will also correct you when they think that you are doing the wrong thing or behaving in a wrong manner. The whole lot of other people might agree with something that you are doing, but a good friend will say that they are wrong and you need to take their advice and change. A good friend is not a yes man.

2. They accept your past hurts

If you have been really hurt in the past a good friend will accept that and talk to you about that. They will steer you toward therapy and hold your hand as you deal with your past. They will listen to your pain for only so long before they correct you and tell you to stop wallowing in the mud. They are open and understanding and not demanding of you in ways that you cannot deliver, however they don’t want to be judges and put into the same basket of people that have hurt you in your past.

3. They would do anything in their power for you

if you needed a $1000 to go somewhere and do something as your parent is dying and you need to suddenly go to them, giving you that money would be no issue to them. You wouldn’t even be asked when you can give it back. If you go to hospital and they find out, they are the ones that come and visit you at your bedside. If you were overseas on holiday and you had an accident and only days to live, your friend would fly over to say goodbye before you went to heaven. If you can’t see your friend doing anything for you then they are not a good friend.

4. The believe in your future

A good friend loves you to speak about your future and encourages you today to actively pursue your dreams. They are very optimistic about your future and your plans, however they are quick to get you down to earth if you start speaking stuff that proves your head is in the clouds. Sure they love your future, but in a very practical way they make sure you are advancing day by day not just speaking about something they can see you are never going to achieve.

5. They ask and take your advice

There are many people that are hopeless that ask your advice and never follow through. These people are a waste of space and only ask your advice as flattery to make you feel important. However a good friend when it comes to a very important decision in their life has you as one of the people they turn to. If you are not being asked to consult on a persons major decisions you are not really a close of friend to them as you may think.

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