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Relationship Advice For Women On How to Get All the Excitement Back Into Their Relationship

If you are a woman and you are in a relationship, you might find it quite hard to grasp all the rules about do’s and don’ts of the relationship and how you should deal with your man. This is exactly why we’ve written this article to tell you what you should do and you shouldn’t do with your man to be successful in your relationship with him. Men and women have a lot of differences when it comes to emotions, way of thinking, interests, activities, mindset, etc. So it is just as important for women to learn about men as it is for men to learn about women. Each gender has its own difficulties to understand some things about the other gender. So if you’re feeling like your relationship is going south, this article can come to your rescue. So please keep reading.

We as women know that in a lot of cases men say something and do something else and this can be very confusing for us. You hear something and you trust that he’s going to do as he says, but he acts in the opposite way. So the key to understand men is to think like one, and I’m going to teach you how. One of the main differences men and women have is in the way they express their feelings. Women are more vocal than men, it means if a woman gets upset or angry, she’s more likely to let the other person know about it by being vocal, but the story is different for men. Men prefer to swallow their grief, anger or frustration. We don’t want to talk about if it is healthy or not, we just want you to learn that if you are facing a silent partner, it can mean a lot of things, anger, frustration, thinking or even happiness.

It is your job to know which one it is. So how do you do it? Well, men hate it when someone focuses on them and keeps asking about how they are feeling, instead, you should try to start a conversation leading towards your questions. This is a very sneaky yet effective way to make a man open up. For example, if you see your partner is oddly quiet, you should start a conversation about something he’s excited about. This will start a conversation and by this, the hard part is done and you can direct the conversation towards what you want to know about him. Who knows, maybe even during the conversation he’s the one to mention the reason behind his silence.

Another difference men and women have which causes some disputes in their relationships is their different interpretation of expressing love towards one another. Women like their men to leave them love notes, tell them they love them, call them and tell their woman they’ve been thinking about her, etc. But the story is different for men. Most men believe that love should be shown in actions and not words. This means a lot of men won’t be very vocal and expressive in their love, instead, they try to show it in actions such as doing what their partner wants them to do, being flexible towards their needs, having great sex with them, etc. If you know all of this, the next time your man doesn’t leave you love notes, you won’t feel he doesn’t love you, instead, you will be able to recognize these other signs of love expression.

Another thing you should know is basically men need more “me time” than women, this means because men are usually dealing with a lot of problems or difficulties about life in their minds, every once in awhile they need to be alone and sort out all of their thoughts. This can sometimes make you be left alone, but you should know if you interrupt this sorting out of thoughts even by being affectionate towards your man, he won’t like it and will prefer to be alone. But don’t you worry, after all this thinking and sorting out is done, he will be the one coming to you and loving you.

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