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Relationship Advice For Women – Learn What Your Man Wants From You

It is and has always been quite difficult for both genders to understand one another. Each gender has its own pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving. Of course each person of each gender have their own specific patterns as well. If you are a woman and you are in a relationship with a man, you may find it quite confusing to understand why he’s doing something in a certain situation or why he is acting in a specific way in a situation, this is because you are a woman and the way you feel and think is completely different from men. But don’t lose hope, you can always learn about men and their patterns and characteristics. If you want to have a successful and loving relationship with your man, you should make an effort to learn about him and the way he thinks. So to do just that, please keep reading.

1. Men love to be appreciated.

This is a fact about almost all men and cannot be denied. If you are in a loving relationship but you are constantly trying to change your man into what you think is right, it won’t work out and your man will resist it. A man loves it when you compliment him, tell him what a great provider he is and how proud of him you are. Everyone loves admiration and it is doubly true for men. So try to focus on your man’s positive qualities and appreciate him for them and let him know you’re proud of him. This will not only give him a wonderful feeling, but it can also open him up to some correction suggestions you have for him.

2. Be honest

Honesty is the main pillar of every relationship. If you try to hide some parts of your life from your man, he will know it in a second. This is not only very unattractive, it also lets him know that you are not being completely honest with him which can even hurt the purity of love he thinks you have for him. People who love and trust each other are very honest with each other, so even if you think some part of your life is not ideal or it’s better for you to hide them, you shouldn’t do that because no matter how clever you think you are, sooner or later your man will find it out. Not to mention not being confident about the life you have created is very unattractive. So you won’t be able to win in any way. After all, if your man loves you, he will love you for who you are, with all the flaws you have.

3. Have a life of your own and an interesting one of that

It’s a win-win situation, if you have a life of your own outside your romantic life and this life is very interesting and has a lot of stories to it, your man will enjoy asking you about those interesting things and also he won’t feel you are completely dependent on him and your relationship with him and instead, you are a well-developed woman with a fulfilling and interesting life. This can create a great amount of attraction for your man because he finds you more appealing and harder to get.

4. Care about his sexual needs

We all know that men care about sex a lot, so in order for a women to make her man satisfied, they need to care about their sexual needs, this means it is always good if you are ready to have sex with your man if he has the need for it. We are not saying you should force yourself into it if you don’t feel like at that moment, but to love him and to know that fulfilling his need will not only make him more loyal towards you, but it also makes all of his stress go away can be a noble thing to do. We all have our bad days in which we are not sexually aroused, but if you can sacrifice for your man, you can be sure he will do the same for you in a similar situation in future as well.

Now go out there and rock your relationship!

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