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Relationship Advice for Men About What Women Really Want

If you are a man and you’re looking for relationship advice, you can easily search the internet and find a lot of information in this regard, but the important thing is to learn which ones are actually true and which ones just give you a false imagination of how women think. The truth is women may say something about what they like in guys but actually prefer some other types of guys. You can clearly see this in action and about men that most women get into relationship with. Women say they like nice guys because they are very sweet and do whatever they want, but most women go for bad guys. This very example is very familiar for most guys and they may have many painful memories with it. The reason behind it is women don’t necessarily mean what they say when it comes to liking certain types of guys, so it is your job as a man to learn what they actually want.

One of the first and most important advises I can give you is to stop doing whatever a woman wants from you. Doing whatever a woman wants decreases your masculinity in her eyes, it also makes you not be yourself in a lot of cases because you’re doing what she wants, not what you want. The reason behind women acting differently than they actually say is their subconscious part of mind. The saying that “even women don’t know what they want” is actually true. In a lot of cases we think we want some qualities in a man but our subconscious mind wants something else and that is why we confuse you.

You should know the main reason behind men and women getting together is multiplying and continuing their species. So this mechanism works subconsciously in woman’s minds and although they may not be aware of it, they are subconsciously looking for men who can be a great husband and a great father to their children. So women know the main quality of a great father is to be able to provide for his family and stand for what he believes in, so if a guy keeps agreeing with whatever a woman says, it shows weakness and is the exact opposite of having those strong qualities as a father. So this is why women do not go towards this type of men.

Men can produce sperms until the end of their lives, but the story is different for women when it comes to producing a baby, their chances are much shorter. So they are looking for a man who can be a good provider and provide for their children for the rest of their lives. You should know all of this is happening on a subconscious level and women are not aware of it, but I am telling you this to make you a little more familiar with how women’s subconscious mind works.

So when a man has a great job such as being a lawyer, it is much more likely for him to be able to attract women and mate with them compared to men with lower level jobs. This is because a woman feels like a lawyer can provide for her and their children much better than a taxi driver.

But until now we may have created a very financial image in your head about women and the fact that they only care about money, but we’re not saying that exactly, what we’re saying is that they care if a woman can provide for them and for their children. But you should know another very important Factor they take into consideration for choosing a husband is a man’s generosity. This means they have to feel a man is generous enough for spending the money he has earned for her loved ones. This is the main subconscious reason behind why women like expensive gifts, this shows them the man they are with is generous and willing to spend his money on his loved ones, including his future children.

Of course there are a lot of other factors affecting women’s mind towards choosing a partner, but we tried to emphasize on this subconscious part which may be very unknown for a lot of men.

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