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Whether we are first time parents or a family of 5, we would do well to double check for any hazards new and old that may present themselves in the place we call home.

Of course we cannot stop every slip and fall and yes our children will hurt themselves, they will cry, but for peace of mind it would be better to know that we have tried our best for them in our homes. If indeed accidents do happen (which they will), it will not be through ignorance or complacency.

So here are just a few pointers to remember:

– Remember that children are top heavy and become unbalanced easily, so toilet lids should be kept closed with a clasp/latch. A young child can drown in less than an inch of water, so beware at all times.

– Parenting Tip: Never put knives into a dishwasher pointing upwards. I’ll always remember a story i read involving a toddler falling onto a knife that was pointing up from from an open dishwasher tray. Please don’t forget this!

– Secure bookshelves, heavy furniture, tables, anything that could tip easily by screwing to a fixed point (wall) using a bracket or some such device.

– Keep doors closed and with effective security measures.

– Make sure you do not have long cords from curtains, blinds etc anywhere near ground level.

– Plug sockets should have a cover over any unused pin holes, little fingers love to wander, pick these up really cheap for peace of mind.

Check your home over thoroughly for other potential hazards and address immediately. Using these practices and some savvy, your home will be your safe.

Positive parenting involves a little pro-action, after all ‘prevention is better than cure’ as we all know.

We are building a valuable online resource with basic parenting advice to begin with and over time we will be adding more and more specific topics as we grow and have reader input. If any of this has been of any help, please check out your new online parenting resource…see our web address below.

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