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Parenting Advices: What To Take And What Not To

First-time moms are never in lack of advices. Even the people they do not know tend to come up and throw a couple of suggestions now and then. Everyone around suddenly becomes a parenting expert. All of them somehow manage to point out things that you might be doing wrong! Of course some of the suggestions are really helpful, but the rest is just good enough to make you feel insecure about your parenting skill.

If that is your case as well, you should not feel low, at all! There might be a time for you to think if there is anything you are doing right considering all the “wise words”. Do not worry. Most of these suggestions are something you can ignore, but they will do one good to you. You will actually get some pretty useful advices about proper parenting from all these. The problem is that you will have to filter those out from a pile of frightening remarks. There are ways to pick the best ones out though. Wondering how? It’s simple; you just chose the right people to listen to, and that’s it!

To begin with, you need to follow your instinct about the person who is providing you with a free piece of advice. If you think his/her parenting skills are something that you find admirable, then be all ears. The best way to tell if someone is successful as a parent is closely observing their children. If they have turned out okay, you can consider that person’s advice. If they seem pretty messed up, you can just pretend that you are listening! Also, remember that everyone is different and so is their parenting skills. The things that have worked out for their kids might not go the same way with yours.

Once you have picked your favorite moms to listen to, you can concentrate on talking the serious talks with your pediatrician. While real moms can certainly give you a lead, your pediatrician is the one who can attest all those “experiences”. It is okay to call your pediatrician when you think you need to, even if it is several times a week. They are experts and they know how confusing first-time parenting is. If you have even a pinch of doubt in your mind about anything about your child, reach out to them. It is their job to help you out and they would not mind if you ask frequent questions.

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