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Important Relationship Advice Every Man Should Know

We think finding good relationship advice for men is easy since it seems like internet is filled with them, but the truth is finding good relationship advice for men is important and not all the advice you get on the internet is that effective and correct. One main problem is a lot of the advice about relationships for men which are giving on the internet is either based on what women have written themselves or what they have told other men and they have written it.

We need to learn how women think and react in different emotional scenarios to be able to understand them completely and make them pleased. Of course we’re not saying you need to change yourself for making women pleased with you, what we’re saying here is when you want to deal with something, it is much easier for you to do that if you learn exactly how that works. For example, imagine you have a car and there’s something wrong with its engine, if you don’t know that brand of car or any other car for that matter, you won’t be able to do a thing, but if you’re already familiar with how car engines work and what is good for it and what is not, you will be able to make some improvements and hopefully fix it.

So now let’s talk about some confusions which most men encounter in their relationships. One of the main ones is the partner getting suddenly silent. We should know women use their silence as a punishment for men and it is a clear sign that they are upset with you. Of course it is not 100% because they’re upset with you, but you can feel if it is about something that concerns you or not. One big mistake you can make in this situation is stop talking to your girlfriend or partner. When women get silent, they expect you to go to them and ask if there is something wrong. Of course most of the time they are going to answer with “no, everything is okay”, but don’t be fooled by their answer, this actually means there is something wrong. So try to show your attention towards her and show that you actually care about whatever made her upset. This will open her up a little because she was already waiting for you to do this.

After she’s opened up, it will be much easier to learn what you have done that had upset her and either talk about it or apologize for it. Sometimes women act bitchy because of their period. We as men tend to not like learning about this subject, but if we want to spend our lives with women successfully, we need to learn about their period and the effects it has on them. During period women’s hormones go crazy and it makes them act differently, this can be confusing for us. We don’t need to learn what the exact reason behind their bitchiness is, we just need to learn if they are experiencing their period and if so, then we can expect surprising behaviors.

Another confusion which happens for men when it comes to women is the fact that women like to talk about their problems a lot. Most men keep thinking to themselves “why she keeps talking to me instead of listening to my solutions for her problems?” That is a valid question, but you should know women are usually more than capable of handling their problems and solving them, but they just need a set of ears to talk to about their problems and this will lower their stress level. So try to listen to her and be a good listener.

Communication is the key when it comes to every relationship. This is doubly true if you are the man of the relationship. So make sure to take some time every once in a while to talk about your relationship with your partner. I know, it can sound quite terrifying for a lot of men and probably quite boring, but if you love your partner, then it can turn into a lot of fun and if everything goes well, it can even go towards having a great sex. So it can be a win-win situation for both of you.

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