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How to Treat Your Girlfriend to Win Her Heart – Relationship Advice for Men

If you are here, you are probably having some problems in your relationship or you want to prevent them. Every relationship is not just about spending time with your partner during easy times, it also means being able to bear through difficulties and facing challenges that your relationship puts in front of both of you. So is important for you as a man to learn how women feel and think about different matters of a relationship to be able to react properly to each of them. So if you want to learn how you can handle your relationship well, please keep reading since in this article you are going to learn a lot.

Every healthy relationship which lasts long usually goes through all the ups and downs that it can go through. A relationship that is only about spending good times with your partner will either last shortly or won’t run very deeply. So you shouldn’t be afraid if sometimes you have some problems with your partner, this actually means you are going through different stages of a relationship which is good for both of you. Now let’s talk about some of the challenges we face as men in our relationships.

We men tend to be much more silent than women, this is our nature and we cannot help it and you cannot say it is good or bad, it is just how we are. So this tendency to be silent can create some problems with a partner who is a woman and likes talking a lot more than us. This means if you see your girlfriend is unusually silent, this probably means she’s upset with you and is using this silence as a punishment. A lot of men in this scenario think to themselves that “OK, there is nothing I can do and whenever she is ready to talk to me, she will come and talk to me.” This is a big mistake because the more you keep this distance and not go towards asking her what the reason behind her upsetness is, the more she will think you do not love her and the deeper the problem will get. It doesn’t matter how much pride you have or how much you think your partner doesn’t have the right to be upset with you, if you do not go to her and start a conversation, your problem will just get worsen.

Another difference between men and women in relationships is that men get bored sooner than women do, this means the excitement the beginning of every relationship has for both parties goes away from men quicker than it does for women. This can leave us with an unexciting relationship which we no longer find appealing. But it is important for us to learn that our partner cannot necessarily always entertain us with new excitements and she has a life of her own, sometimes it is us who has to get creative and add some spice to the relationship. Besides, if your partner realizes that you are bored with the relationship, she will take it as you not loving her and she will feel very unsafe which can be resulted in a lot of problems.

Staying faithful to the partner during disputes may be one of the hardest things men have to do, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. If you are in a committed relationship with someone, as the name says it all, you should be committed to her, even if the times are hard and you’re having disputes. It is not something special if you stay faithful to your partner when everything is going smooth and there is no obstacles in your relationship, your faithfulness is judged when the times get hard and you’re tempted to have an affair.

Always remember if you love your partner, there is almost never a dead end in your relationship since both of you care about each other and want to make your relationship survive, so communication and talking is the key here. Go to her and ask what has made her upset and talk about what have made you upset as well. Of course this can lead to even more arguments, but it is much better than staying silent and holding grudges.

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