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Sibling Relationship

How To Deal With Sibling Rivalry In Toddlers

Common Concerns Q: My toddler seems to be constantly pushing, hitting, and basically making life miserable for my ten-month-old daughter. Should I never interfere? You have to protect your baby from a toddler who treats her like a rag doll. But try not to make a big deal of your toddler’s aggression. As soon as your baby is around one ... Read More »

Tips On How To Stop Sibling Fights

Sibling fights are not uncommon but for Parents it can be exasperating. The constant bricking can really wear on the Parents nerves. What can we do to prevent episodes of sibling fight? The first thing to do is to talk to the ones who are doing the fighting. If the fights are often, then there is a root to it ... Read More »

Sibling Fighting – Teach Our Kids to Resolve Conflict Peacefully

After 18 years of working with parents and families I have finally worked out the cause of sibling fighting.  Having more than one child.  Sibling fighting tends to come with the parenting territory. It is born from rivalry or competitiveness between siblings and shows itself through mindless arguments, noisy squabbles, physical means, verbal put-downs and even long silences. Kids have ... Read More »

How To Eliminate Sibling Rivalry

There is an ancient quote that says, “A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.” Parents can derive a lot of comfort from the universality of sibling rivalry. In fact, right at the beginning of time, the first two siblings on the planet, Cain and Abel, refused to get along with each other. The result was that Cain killed his brother! ... Read More »

Ideas How to Manage Sibling Rivalry

A few home truths about how children and sibling rivalry. Your child’s destructive behavior is not going to magically vanish on its own! In fact it is just going to get worse with time. Children do not grow out of this type of behavior (that is one of the reasons why drug abuse is so frequent in teenagers). If your ... Read More »